Deliver the Award

The Award is a catalyst  

If you work in a capacity where you engage with young people, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award provides an opportunity to help you enhance your developmental programming.

We offer a framework that weaves into the fabric of what you do, and together we can enrich the lives of young Canadians even more. 

Organizations that sign-up to deliver the Award are joining a growing family of Award providers who want to use this framework to help young people become the best version of themselves.



Benefits of Delivering the Award 

  • Experiential education
    The Award supplements your program and/or formal curriculum by inspiring young people to invest in their personal growth and continually overcome new challenges. Taking part in the Award encourages young people to step outside their comfort zones, find balance and build intrinsic motivation as well as resilience.
  • Global community 
    Your participants can join a million young people who are currently doing the Award around the world, in addition to millions of Award alumni.
  • Internationally recognized accreditation 
    The Award is recognized in more than 130 countries and territories. Award achievements are acknowledged by business leaders, universities and governments across the globe. 
  • Support the now and prepare for the future
    The Award supports growth and development of lifelong skills in your young people, staff, and volunteers by offering the Award framework to engage in.

Become an Award Centre 

In order to become an Award Centre, you will be asked to provide documentation to help provide evidence of the following:

  • Your organization is an established and reputable legal entity
  • You have values and a philosophy that aligns with the principles of the Award and the program can be a logical fit with your organization.
  • You have the administrative and financial capacity to manage delivery of the Award.
  • You have risk management and aligned youth protection policies and procedures.
  • You have appropriate public liability and other relevant insurance.

Register as an Award Centre today

Please contact your local Division to begin your journey of delivering the Award to your network of young people. 


February 2020