Founder's 100 Campaign


Marking the centenary of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh

10 June 2021 would have been The Duke of Edinburgh’s 100th birthday. As an Award family, we miss him. Prince Philip was a champion of the infinite potential of young people and a pioneer in non-formal education and learning. As we mark his 100th year, the global Award family is determined to ensure that The Duke’s vision can continue and grow for many years to come.

That’s why we’ve launched the ‘Founder’s 100’ campaign. Over the next three years, we plan to raise in excess of $3 million, to, among other things, help enable more young people in Canada to start their Award journey, particularly those from at risk and marginalized backgrounds.

From the changemakers and the leaders of tomorrow, to those who quietly support or pave their own path; every young person has infinite potential. And The Duke of Edinburgh saw the need to foster that, right back in 1956.

And now, more than ever, young people need the resources and support to be able to unlock that potential. They need to be resilient and adaptable. To be able to problem solve and communicate effectively.

The Award is here to help young people build the skills they need to discover their infinite potential and be ready for the world of today and tomorrow. Through stepping outside their comfort zone and challenging themselves in a range of areas, young people can join millions of Award alumni around the world who have discovered there is more in them than they ever realised.

The Ambition of our Founder's 100 Campaign

Over the next three years the Founder's 100 campaign will enable us to achieve growing the access, reach and impact of the Award. We have set ambitious goals to ensure that more young people across Canada have the opportunity to discover thier infinite potential. By investing in this campaign, below are some of the ambitions your support will enable the Award achieve.  

/_uploads/images/hrh-/people-icon-.png   Inspire more than 27,000 young people to enroll in the Award yearly 

 /_uploads/images/hrh-/people-icon-(3).png  Celebrate more than 20,000 Bronze, Silver or Gold Award achievers  

 /_uploads/images/hrh-/people-icon-(4).png  Generating signficant positive social return on investment   

 /_uploads/images/hrh-/people-icon-(5).png  Invest in over 5,000 adult volunteers who mentor and guide young people 

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Other ways to get involved

There are numerous ways you can get involved in and support the Award:

Invest in infinite potential: 
Whether you are a school, business, NGO or government, there are opportunities to invest in the infinite potential of young people through the Award.

Delivering the Award

Inspire infinite potential: 
Help to inspire young people to discover their infinite potential. There are a range of volunteering opportunities available across Canada.

Volunteer with Us

And if you’re an Award holder, find out about our Global Alumni Network, or share your story on social today to inspire others, using #WORLDREADY

Champion infinite potential: 
Champion infinite potential and donate to the Award. There are opportunities to support a vareity of impact projects and communities. 

Support the Award

Discover infinite potential: 
Are you aged between 14 and 24 and ready for a challenge? Discover your infinite potential. Find out more about the Award today

Do your Award

If you’d like to discuss the Award in more detail and the ways you may be able to support, please email

Celebrating the life and legacy of our Founder and his impact on young people through the Award.