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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: 13 hours is not a lot of hours at the Bronze level, can participants do it all in one weekend?

Participants can track hours in each category on a weekly basis. The service must be spread out over the minimum time requirement. The record book is designed to record one hour per week for 13 weeks.

Q: What do you for in an assessors report, how detailed does it need to be?

We are looking for what the participants did, if they showed improvement, the dates for timeframe, and hours to ensure the minimum requirements are met.

Q: How detailed a report is required for the Adventurous Journey section?

The expedition is the only section for which an extra report is required. A report describing the journey must be submitted with the record book. It is up to the award participants to decide how detailed they would like to make it. We need to know what they did, where they went and what they learned. We receive everything from CD, power points, fancy artistic scrapbooks, photo albums to a few pages of printout. The youth will receive these things back. Keep in mind mailing costs when sending us bulky items and the possibility of it getting lost in the mail (express post with tracking is the best way to submit Awards).​

Q: How expansive should the practice journey be?

The practice journey is designed to test the preparedness of the young person undertaking the Adventurous Journey. This journey is not of the same length as the Adventurous Journey. However, it should be over similar terrain in similar conditions. If possible, all equipment should be used and checked during the practice journey to ensure it is in proper working order.


Q: When is the next Gold Ceremony?

Gold ceremonies are held every two to three years. Recipients will be notified two months in advance by email when a ceremony is upcoming. Please keep your information updated if you move. If you move, we transfer you to another division within Canada.  Awards can only be issued in the country that they are completed in.


Q: Is insurance provided for any activities? What about the Adventurous Journey component?

We do not provide insurance for activities undertaken for the completion of the Award. Insurance is either up to the participant, or a group that they are part of.


Q: Can a participant change the Skill they are working on? And can they continue that skill on to the next level from Bronze to Silver?

Yes, they may change their skill only once during a level. This is not encourage and is at the discretion of the leader. They can use the same skills for two of the three levels as the Award is to personally challenge participants to try new things.


Q: Prior to registering of The Award, a participant has done a lot of activities that could count towards it. Can they out count them?

No, since the purpose of The Award is to encourage new experiences, only activities completed after registration will count. Please contact the division office to evaluate. Activities do not have to be foreign to participants, but efforts only count from the point of registration onwards.


Q: Do participants have to work on all the sections at once?

No. There is no maximum time required to complete the award other that that each level has to be completed consecutively and before the participants 25th birthday.


Q: Can participants work on more than one section at a time?

Yes, participants can work on all of the sections at the same time, or participants can choose to work on them one at a time. All sections must be completed before moving on to the next level.


Q: I have more questions, who do I contact?

Contact our office by email abntnu@theaward.ca or by phone 403-237-7476. We would be happy to help