Instruction and Assessment of Your Award

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The Assessor's Role

​The assessor plays an important role in your Award programme, and you will have a few different assessors over the course of your Award experience. When choosing your assessor for each section of your Award, ensure they have knowledge and experience in that section, and will be available not just to sign off on your completed Award requirements but be able to check in with you as you progress through the weeks of activity for that section. 

Instruction and Assessment

​1. Instruction must be given by suitably experienced or qualified persons, as required by the separate conditions for each Award.

2. Assessment is to be undertaken by qualified persons approved by participating groups in accordance with the separate conditions for each Award. An assessor is an adult in the community who is knowledgeable and experienced in the particular Skill or activity to be evaluated.

3. A concerted effort should be made by participants to have different assessors for each of the four sections (five for Gold).

The Assessor's Report

​To achieve an Award, the participant must show what activities they have done, what progress they have made in that activity, and how well they have met their goal(s) for that Award section (Service, Skills, Physical Recreation, Adventurous Journey, Residential Project). As a participant, you can involve your assessor at the beginning of your Award activities and they can help you decide what goals to set, and give advice and encouragement along the way.

When you have completed your time requirements for each Award section, your assessor should complete the assessor section in your Record Book. The assessor's report should include the following:

  • Comments on how well the participant has met their goals and made progress
  • Confirmation of any training or qualifications accomplished during the completion of the Award section
  • Positive or celebratory comments on the participant's accomplishments (the assessments are part of the participant's Award record)