How The Award Works


Taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award takes commitment, a spirit of adventure, making choices, setting goals, and perseverance in achieving them. Below is an overview of how the Award works.


Register for the Award

Before starting the Award, you must first register. The day you register is the first day you can start counting activities towards your Award. Activities done prior to registration cannot be counted.

Joining an Award Centre

When registering for the Award, you will be asked which Award Centre you are joining. Many schools, Cadet corps or squadrons, Guide groups, Scout groups, and community organizations offer the Duke of Ed and have a staff member or volunteer that acts as an Award Leader.

Find out if there is an Award group in your school or other youth group, check out the Award Centre map on our Contact Us page and talk to the Award Leader there. Award Leaders are indispensable supporters and mentors who support you as you work through the Award.

If there is no Award group at your school or other youth group, ask your Principal or group leader to set one up. They can contact our office for more information about establishing an Award Centre.

Age Requirements for Award Levels


Please note: Bronze level - If you are younger than 14 and part of a group where most people are 14, you can start the Bronze so you can do the Award with your peers.

Our Framework

There are four sections of activities for all Award levels, plus a Gold Project at the Gold. ​ 


Choosing an Award Level

You can work towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Level of the Award and choosing the level to work on is a personal choice. You can start at any level if you meet the minimum age requirement.

The At A Glance Guide to Completing your Duke of Ed Award chart outlines the activities and time commitment required for each level.

Find Assessors

Assessors are people who can vouch for your completion of the activities you record and your progress towards your goals. They are knowledgeable, experienced adults who help you set and work towards your goal and provide feedback on your progress.  

Ideally, you will have a different Assessor for each section of your Award. Parents and siblings should not act as Assessors.

Set Goals

The life changing Award experience centers around a framework that challenges you to set and achieve S.M.A.R.T. goals in four activity areas. These areas help you develop into well rounded individuals, challenge you beyond your comfort zones, and provide opportunities to explore yourself and the world around you.

Record Activities Toward Your Goals


After setting your goals, you work towards them by practicing your skills, service, and physical recreation on a regular basis, as well as plan and complete your Adventurous Journey and Gold Project. These activities are recorded in your Online Record Book (ORB) so you can easily keep up with logging your activities using your computer or mobile device.

Frequency of Activity

The Award is a marathon, not a sprint. The intention is to create habits with regular activity, that will serve you beyond the Duke of Ed.

You must participate in your Award activities for a minimum of 1 hour per week for Service, Skill and Physical Recreation.The Online Record Book will automatically calculate you time requirements, keep a tally, and let you know once you have completed the section. Every time you work toward your goal, log your activities, and watch your progress bar.

Submitting your Award for Approval

Once you have completed all the sections required in your Online Record Book, you submit your Award through the online system for approval by your Award Leader, who will then submit it to our office for final authorisation.

We will notify you by email of your approval and send you a certificate, pin, and formal approval letter that can be used for accessing eternal high school credits.

Award Ceremonies


Award Ceremonies for Silver and Gold Awards are organized by the Division and National offices, and are presided over by notable Canadians, the Lieutenant Governor of BC, or the Commissioner of Yukon as presenters.

The ceremonies feature gorgeous locations such as Government House and are described as once-in-a-lifetime events by our Achievers.