Important Information

Welcome to The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award where we strive to equip young people for life.

As a parent/guardian you have a role to play in helping young people accomplish their journey of completing The Award.

  • Mentor, motivate them, remind them to log their activities, encourage them on their chosen activities,
  • Help them stay committed on their journey to completion,
  • Celebrate their success as they achieve and accomplish activities and the Award in its entirety.
  • Encourage youth to step outside their comfort zone and try new activities to broaden their experiences.

Why should your son/daughter do The Award?

Because it’s more than just an award. It looks good on college and university applications. It looks even better on CVs and resumes and sets them apart when in the work force. The Award gives youth an opportunity to talk about themselves in a non-academic way. The Award allows young people to document all of the activities they do outside of their formal education. It values these experiences and illustrates just how important they are to the developing a youth into well rounded individual. The Award recognizes the the hours youth spend on activities – which is a true testament to who these young people are and their commitment.

Motivate your child, but remember this journey is theirs. There will be struggles and bumps along the way as they journey to completing The Award. In some cases, a young person who sets out to achieve The Award may decide to stop for a while and that is ok. There are many unexpected occurrences that happen in life which result in activities being put on hold. In many cases participants do pick back up The Award and continue where they left off. Your support, guidance, encouragement and understanding is one of the elements that helps equip young people for the life ahead of them.

Benefits of The Award

  • Looks great on post-secondary applications and scholarships
  • Looks great on resumes and CVs
  • Helps young people stand out in the job market
  • Demonstrates goal setting, willingness to set goals and achieve a task
  • Ignites passion and increases motivation
  • Develops skills and acknowledges achievement in a non-academic setting
  • Encourages young people to make positive life choices
  • Instills confidence and self-worth within all participants
  • Introduces young people to the world around them
Update August 2020