Ontario Award Association

Ontario Gold Award Holders' Association

Congratulations on achieving your Gold Award!  After working so hard to achieve the Award, it's now time to turn your attention to what "life after Gold" entails.  The Ontario Gold Award Holders' Association (GAHA) was formed in 2003 to enable Award holders to contribute back to the Program and to continue living in the spirit of the Award. 

We are actively involved in fundraising initiatives and also organize social events for members to meet and network with other fellow Award achievers.

Like to travel internationally?  Now that you are a Gold Award holder, you have the opportunity to apply for the chance to be a Canadian delegate at the International Gold Event (IGE), hosted by the International Award Association.  Held triennially, this is an opportunity to attend a two-week conference, connecting with other Gold Award holders across the world, and help the Award develop within the global landscape.

We hope that you will consider joining AHA.  If you would like further information and/or would like to join us, please e-mail Julia Wong You can also connect with us through facebook or on LinkedIn.  We look forward to seeing you in the future!  

The Ontario Award Holder’s Association