The Award at Home

Millions of people around the world have been affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. In many places, schools and youth organizations are closed and people are confined to their homes to reduce the spread of the virus.  We are concerned for the health and well-being of all and, in particular, the thousands of young people and adults who are part of our Award family across Canada. There are many ways that you can continue to work on your Skill, Service and Physical Recreation sections from home. This will not only keep your Award progress on track, but also combat the boredom you may face. During these uncertain times, it’s important for you to stay active and healthy in a safe and positive way and the Award can be a great way of doing so! 

Note: Please consult your local public health or relevant government authorities before undertaking Award activities in areas affected by the COVID-19 virus. 



Participant Meetups:

Stuck at home? Feeling isolated? Questions about how to continue doing your Award? Join us for an online ​Award Participant Meetup!
This is your chance to come together with the Award team and Participants virtually, while staying home. How can we make a difference, adapt Award activities, and most importantly, stay connected? Ask questions and share your ideas "face to face" during these hour long drop in sessions for Participants only. 

Award Leader Meetups:

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Ontario strives to provide you with opportunities to learn, share, and brainstorm with our staff, volunteers and other Award Leaders to ensure the Award will have the greatest impact possible on the young people you work with. Below you will find pre-scheduled webinar dates. These webinar's will provide a time to ask questions, review the ethos and requirement of the Award, share experiences, and​ collaborate with others. 

To register and receive an access link please email