The aim of the Adventurous Journey section is to encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery, as well as developing individual leadership skills. Adventurous Journeys should also encourage young people to develop an awareness of the environment and the importance of protecting it. The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is just working on our Agreement with Outdoor Providers.  We anticipate this to be complete in January 2019 and a directory will be updated.   

**It is the responsibility of you as the Participant to make sure that all requirements for the Adventurous Journey are met by the trip you choose.  Please click here for the Adventurous Journey requirements.  If you have any questions about your trip, please do not hesitate to contact ​our Ontario Office.


More stuff to know before your trip....

-The cancellation policies on these trips vary and are determined by the outfitter/camp running the trip.
-There will be no Duke of Ed Staff on these trips. They are run by the qualified staff of the outfitter or camp.
-After your trip, you will need to submit your assessor's report AND an Adventurous Journey Report.

- Check out the How to Write Your Adventurous Journey Report handout for tips on how to complete your report.