Read about five key issues facing Canadian youth and how The Award is providing tangible solutions to all of them. Young people across the country are growing, learning, exploring, developing, and thriving thanks to The Award and its remarkable program. Here are just some of the numbers that prove The Award does Make a Difference and equips young people for life!


The challenges facing today’s young people have never been greater. Formal education systems often fail to prepare young people adequately to play a full role in the economic, political and social life of their communities. Yet they are the world’s richest resource and the biggest stakeholders in its future.

As a non-formal educational program, The Award can play a vital role in providing opportunities for young people to develop essential life skills, complementing their formal education. This enables them to grow in confidence and in their ability to contribute positively to their communities. Its success and flexibility is evidenced by the fact that it has spread to over 140 countries and territories. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been equipping young people with the skills and experiences they need as individuals to succeed in life. The Award’s founders believed that learning through experience could transform young people and empower them to embrace life’s opportunities.

We have begun a process of robust measurement of the Award’s impact, which will provide both qualitative and quantitative evidence of its success. This will also enable us to improve what we do.  Take a moment to read the Impact Framework developed by the International Foundation that illustrates the impact The Award makes on young people on a global scale.