Parent Testimonials

“When my daughter told me, she wanted to join the Duke of Edinburgh award program I was supportive but unaware of what it could really do for her as I did not really understand what it was. Erin was a young girl very unsure of herself and often struggled to find her own place. This award pushed her on so many different levels. I watched Erin become dedicated to things in a way she had never been before, the award pushed her outside of her comfort zone and gave her opportunities I would never have been able to provide her. I am so grateful for the barrier free access to this award as it ensured Erin was able to achieve all three levels of this award, see new places and try new things.

One moment that really stood out to me was when Erin decided to go dog sledding for her gold adventurous journey. She was the same girl who was afraid to go anywhere alone and to see her want to go on a trip for six days with no one she knew was a ground breaking moment. She had gained enough confidence throughout the award and its components that she believed that she could do it and wanted to see the world in new ways, and she did. After that trip, she came back even more confident but more importantly a much stronger person. She learned how to withstand extremely hard times with a smile on her face.
The Duke of Edinburgh award changed my daughter for the better. The change was so profound, it has become a family tradition. Her sister, Katie, was inspired by the new skills and new things that Erin was able to experience that she took on the award herself and accomplished all three levels as well.”

- Anne Roche.