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** If you are from Scouts when you register on ORB, please ensure that you click that you are a Scout and not the Province you live in. 



Every Participant doing the ​Award is required to register through their Division office. Activities completed before registration cannot be counted toward an Award and registration dates cannot be backdated. Click on the drop down menu above to register with your Division.


The Award is all about individual challenge. We want you to work at your own pace. You’ll need to do your activities in each section for a consistent amount of time ​- a minimum of one hour per week must be logged.

You must persist at a specific level for the following minimum periods of time:

Award Level     Direct Entrant Award Achievers    
Bronze 26 weeks Not applicable
Silver 52 weeks

26 weeks
(If Bronze ​holder)

Gold 78 weeks 52 weeks
(If Silver ​holder)

Remember, our program is a marathon, not a sprint!


Each section has a minimum length of time that activities need to be worked on. If you are doing the Bronze level or are a Direct Entrant you will choose one section (Service, Skill or Physical Recreation) of the Award to pursue for a longer period of time, known as a Major. It is your choice which of these three sections to do for a longer period of time. For Participants using the Online Record Book, you must choose your Major when setting up your activities. You can change your Major as you work through completing your Award. If you are continuing on through the Award program (for example, if you’ve completed your Bronze Award and are moving on to Silver) you will do all three sections (Service, Skill, Physical Recreation) for the same length of time.​


You must participate in your Award activities for an average of one hour per week for Service, Skill and Physical Recreation. This does not mean that you need to record an hour every week.  For example, if you are sick and miss a week of activities, the next week you can do two hours to make up for the lost week and still have an hour a week. Short gaps can be made up, but your gaps can not be longer than four weeks - these weeks cannot be made up. Additional weeks will need to be added at the end to make up for the missed time. For example, if you were doing your Bronze Award and went on a holiday during weeks 4 to 10, you would need to add an extra six weeks in order to complete your Award.  

See our Summary of Conditions for a more in-depth timescale of each Award level by section.