Invest in Infinite Potential

 A continuum of national partnerships allow the Award to co-create and maximize the impact we have on young people and their communities.  Annually, with support of National like-minded partners, we drive forth our mission to ensure that all young people have the opportunity to participate in the Award.  If you would like to discuss national partnership opportunities, please contact us at


National  Partnerships that are providing national impact to young people across Canada

National corporations, foundations and individuals with a community investment program can directly support the Award and help more than 16,000 young people annually in Canada reach their goals though our National Engagement Programs.  Below are a few of the partnerships and programs that are making a national impact.

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Regional Partnerships that are providing impact to young people in the communities they serve

Corporations, foundations, individuals and governments with a community investment program directly support the Award and the development of their communities through our Regional Engagement Programs.  We are grateful for their commitment.  Here are but a few of the amazing organizations that continue to invest in their communities.

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