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The Passion to Purpose Experience

This past August 2018, 100 young Canadians were a part of the very first Passion to Purpose, leadership forum that was held at the University of Regina in Saskatchewan.

It was an inspiring week for all participants as they worked to turn their passion into an action plan that they will implement into their community. 

Each day began with a Duke Talk from speakers who are change-makers in their own communities.

Workshops and outdoor activities supplemented the schedule, inspiring and building the participants’ confidence. We can't wait for Passion to Purpose Acadia, 2019!

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Day 1 - Recap
August 13, 2018

Duke Talk: “Find Your Spark” with Richard Loat 

“Collective Storytelling Throgh Rap” with Zoey Roy
“Finding Your Spark” with Richard Loat

Talent Show at The Owl

Day 1 

The day started with "Find Your Spark", a Duke Talk with "Sports for Food" founder, Richard Loat. He tackled his process in establishing an organization that's fueled by his passion at the same time helps create a world of change. He talked about his struggles and how to utilize resources that we have. 

"Collective Storytelling Through Rap"with artist Zoey Roy 

In this workshop, Zoey asked participants to pick a topic and create a song that would fit into a beat the group chose. At the end of the workshop, the participants came together and were able to make one song. 

"Finding Your Spark" with Richard Loat

During this workshop, the participants spoke to their passions and issues within the world. They were asked to pick a passion and issue and create an idea of how that passion can solve the issue. Within their group, the participants were asked to pick three pairs of passions and issues that were out of the ordinary. 

During this session, the participants were asked to go to the front and tell the others what their passion is. After several participants went up, they formed groups that have similar passions and brainstormed ideas to pursue that passion.​​

Day 2 - Recap
August 14, 2018

Duke Talk: “Discover You” with Sandra Corelli

“Working the Room” with Sandra Corelli
“Design Thinking” with the Canada Service Corps

Wheelchair Basketball/Sports Night

Day 2 


"Duke Talk" with Sandra Corelli 
Sandra is the Vice President of Corporate Class Inc., an organization whose mission is to "mentor aspiring leaders across every organizational level." A seasoned leader with over 18 years' of corporate HR industry experience, Sandra volunteers her time as a Duke of Ed board member and is excited to lend her experience and expertise to the Passion to Purpose forum.

This talk covered impact, and how youth can make positive changes towards themselves to further their careers and networks. 


"Design Thinking" with Canada Service Corps
During this workshop, the participants were given ideas for apps and had the opportunity to be part of the creation of those apps.

"Working the Room" with Sandra Corelli
During this workshop, the participants were taught how to present themselves in networking opportunities. They were able to practice their networking skills. 


During this session, the participants were asked to take a personality test from 16Personalities. Once everyone was finished they sorted themselves out into 4 groups: Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels, and Explorers. 

After, the participants worked and started to create their vision statement and elevator pitches for their projects. 

Day 3 - Recap
August 15, 2018

Duke Talk: “MyEffect” with Kelly Lovell

“Everyone has a superpower, what’s yours? with Jeph Maystruck

Dragonboat Racing

Day 3


Kelly Lovell is a Duke of Ed Gold Award Alumni, an acclaimed Youth Mobilizer, Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Lovell Corporation and My Effect Inc. Putting youth insights into action, My Effet is a people data company that engages users by searching for opportunity by cause, skill set and location. 
This talk covered My Effect and how one can get experience through volunteering. 


"My Effect" with Kelly Lovell 
Kelly introduced My Effect to the participants. MyEffect's multi­sector model brings every type of ChangeLeader® together to take action for a common cause. 

"Everyone has a superpower, what's yours?" with Jeph Maystruck
This workshop was about finding your superpower. Jeph gave the participants insightful advice and encouraged the participants to stop asking for permission to follow their dreams. 


Day 4 - Recap
August 16, 2018

Community Service

Duke Talk: “Show Me The Money” with Jamal Tekleweld

​Improv Night

Day 4 


"Duke Talk" with Jamal Teklewed 

In his work supporting youth innovation, Jamal leads by example, as his many past and present professional and volunteer efforts demonstrate. As a Youth Engagement Activator with Taking It Global, Jamal is looking to take his youth development work to the next level, helping diverse and vulnerable youth rise up to new heights In Saskatchewan and beyond.

In this Duke Talk, Jamal told a story about one youth who used grant money from Rising Youth to run a community cat bazaar. He used this example to outline the steps of applying for a grant and the importance of using community resources to help put your passion into action.

Taking it Global is looking for young people to take action through community service projects! To do this, #RisingYouth:
- Empowers young people aged 15-30 to imagine ideas that can support their local community
- Helps put these ideas to action through grants of $250, $750 or $1500
- Provides ongoing project supports
- Shares the stories of youth across the country doing the awesome things in their community

Day 5 - Recap
August 17, 2018

Duke Talk: “Emrace Your Story” with Max Fineday

“Embracing Your Story” with Pathfinders
“Finding and Managing the Money” with Jordan Mcpharland

​Dinner Gala

Day 5 


"Duke Talk" with Max Fineday

Max Fineday is the Executive Director at Canadian Roots Exchange – a community of Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth committed to building honest and equitable relationships.
Hailing from Sweetgrass First Nation in Treaty Six Territory, Saskatchewan, Max understands that reconciliation between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples is critical for Canada as a whole and has spent time working on youth leadership development initiatives and projects that help move Canada toward reconciliation.
We are extremely grateful for hearing Max’s unique and insightful perspectives about how Indigenous and non-indigenous young people can lead Canada in moving forward with meaningful work toward reconciliation.


"Embracing your story" with Pathfinders
PATHFINDER consults with Business, Academia and Policy for innovative solutions in Sustainable Development. We create solutions to enable the world’s most vulnerable throughout unique three-pronged approach: by simultaneously influencing social entrepreneurship, academics and policy. The participants were showed how to create and execute a business model for their projects. 

“Finding and managing the money” with Jordan McFarlen

In this workshop, the participants were taught how to manage their funds in a responsible way.  

Join us in 2019 for Passion to Purpose in Nova Scotia!

Registration announcement coming soon!

Passion to Purpose is an initiative developed under the Canada Service Corps, a federal program that is being developed by youth, for youth. The program aims to support young Canadians to get involved in the community through service opportunities.