Who is an Award Leader

Do you want to make a difference by engaging and enriching the lives of young people?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award provides this opportunity.

We offer a framework that seamlessly weaves into the fabric of what you do on a daily basis. The Award wants to be the partner of choice with youth groups across the country. Together we can enrich the lives of young Canadians even more.

Who are Award Leaders? 

An Award Leader is an adult who works or volunteers with youth as part of a larger organization, such as a high school, Scouts, Guides, Cadets or Community Center. If you are not associated with a larger organization that works with youth, you can become a virtual Award Leader where you will digitally connect with and mentor young people.

The Award Leader’s aim is to help young people access the life-changing Award opportunity and mentor them as they set goals, choose activities, and work on completing their Award. We provide Award Leaders with training and access to resources and support materials. We also offer staff support through our Award offices and can answer any questions as they come up. 

"Being an Award Leader is one the most rewarding roles I play as a teacher. The observable growth in confidence students experience as they progress through the Award is for me, what teaching is all about." Peter Himmelman - Award Leader Nova Scotia 

Benefits of becoming an Award Leader  

  • Engage and mentor young people through an established framework
  • Aid in the development of building essential skills for young people that will support them in life
  • Build up your own skill set and professional development with our internationally recognized and accredited training


Are you interested?

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