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Showcase your Award on LinkedIn!

Showcase your Award on LinkedIn!


How to showcase your Award on LinkedIn

Hello, all Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Canada alumni. 

LinkedIn is an important part of the working world today, the better your LinkedIn page - the more visibility potential employers have to you. You can highlight your achievements, previous experience and advertise your skills.  The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is a great addition to your resume, cover letter, and even LinkedIn profile.

How to add The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award to your LinkedIn profile and get the step up in job opportunities.

 1. Go to "Accomplishments" on your profile. ​


2. Click the top right button with the + sign. Then click "Honor and Award". 


3. Fill in the boxes and the date of when you finished your Award(s). Describe your time with the Award and how it has helped your life. Then click "Save". 


4. Voila! You are done, The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is on your profile!