Registration Fee Adjustment to $50 on July 1st

The Duke of Ed is adjusting our registration fee to help us continue expanding our reach and help us ensure that every young Canadian can access and participate in our program right across the country. Today we have 25% more participants than we had just five years ago. We remain committed to continue enhancing our program by updating and creating relevant materials that will ensure your success and support you more effectively on your personal journey to become your best self and a dedicated, contributing citizen of your community and our great country.

This is our first price increase since 2013. Since then, the Award has created a new website, developed the On-Line Record Book and launched a mobile app. We have also hosted two national week-long participant events, both of which exceeded attendance expectations. Please visit where you will find more information on this price increase, including an FAQ and a brochure highlighting six amazing things the Duke of Ed offers.

If you act this spring, you can lock in our old pricing before the adjustment is made. Complete and submit your current Award level before June 15 so you can sign up for your next Award level before the July 1st price change.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Your New Brunswick Duke of Ed team.