COVID-19 doesn’t mean your Award needs to stop – far from it. Whether you’re doing or delivering the Award, here’s everything you need to keep your Award going.

Award holders at an Award ceremony during covid

Temporary Changes to Our Program

To support our participants and Award Leaders, both now and when social distancing measures lessen, we’re introducing some temporary program changes. We’ve developed at-a-glance program changes tip sheet for Award Leaders. Participants please contact your Award Leader for more information.

Temporary program changes will be in effect from May 1 – Dec 31 2022 and will be continually reviewed. Participants should reach out to their Award Leader for more information about these changes.

Tips and Resources to Doing Your Award @ Home

The flexible program of the Award means that you can still work towards achieving your goals and your Award while at home! If your Award activities have been cancelled or your goals are no longer attainable due to COVID-19 there are lots of new ones you can try instead. We have worked with our partners and global Award family to develop a list of activity ideas you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some ideas of Service activities you can complete while physically distancing. Choose a cause you are passionate about, find an appropriate Assessor, and set your SMART goal.

  • Have an idea of how you can make a difference in your community Apply for our Passion to Purpose community service micro grant to fund your project!
  • Become part of the CWF WILD Outside program for young people ages 15-18
  • Get involved in important research projects. Check out Zooniverse where you can get involved in a variety of projects from your own home. To make it count for your Service, look up projects that are people powered opportunities.
  • Volunteer to help a person who is visually impaired. Be My Eyes – has opportunities through its app to be a sighted volunteer or help translate their app so it is accessible for more people in their native language.
  • Organize and/or participate in a community clean-up such as the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up
  • Organize and/or participate in a food drive
  • Write cards to seniors through Sending Sunshine
  • Maintain Facebook or Instagram page / websites for a local group or charity.
  • Volunteer to tutor students
  • Organize random acts of kindness in your community
  • Lead free online workshops or classes for children/youth/adults in need
  • Join the Learning Buddies Network to become a virtual mentor for elementary students that are struggling in either reading or math

Here are some ideas of skill activities you can complete while physically distancing. When deciding on what Skill you want to develop be sure to choose one activity, find an appropriate Assessor, and set a realistic and challenging SMART goal.

  • Observe nature and learn how to share observations (photos and/or sound recordings) of wildlife using iNaturalist.
  • Join a Virtual Orchestra
  • Take a virtual class and/or use YouTube or other online resources to help develop your skills
  • Free Art lessons for kids and adults by Youtuber Wild Free and Crafty
  • Skill Share
  • The Canadian Space Agency launched online courses via their Junior Astronauts program.
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Use Google Chrome Music Lab to explore, learn, create and share your own music!
  • Learn to knit, sew or crochet
  • Learn origami
  • Learn coding and programming skillsonline
  • Practice and develop your meditation skills – try the Headspace app
  • Learn a language
  • Use an app like Duolingo
  • Rosetta stone (monthly subscription)
  • Sign Language 101
  • Learn to meal plan, prep, and cook in your own kitchen
  • Learn more about important world issues and your impact. Kiva is an online homeschooling free platform that has teaches you about issues like global poverty, food safety, clean water, and financial inclusion. Check out free Kiva lessons here!
  • Learn to garden – try setting up a vegetable or herb plot
  • Research your family heritage: set up a family tree online, setup conversations with family members, and use resources to find out more.
  • Develop your film making or vlogging skills
  • Learn to build a website
  • Put up a birdfeeder and learn about the birds coming to your garden
  • Learn financial skills with The Dollar Detectives free virtual workshops for youth.

Here are some ideas of physical recreation activities you can complete from home. Choose one activity, set your SMART goal, and find an appropriate Assessor.

  • Get your heart pumping by doing online workouts. Join a virtual class or stream free videos on Youtube (bootcamps, pilates, fitness routines etc.)
  • Yoga (you could also use YouTube tutorials)
  • Check outDance AloneTogetherfor a variety of digital dance classes. You can also look up studios in your area. Many are offering free classes daily via Instagram, Facebookand Youtube.
  • Martial Arts
  • Setup your own circuit training course
  • Learn some sports skills from Olympians. Check outLearn Sports- they have videos on dynamicstretching as well as skills videos for basketball, soccer, football, and rugby just to name a few.
  • Get out on your bike, walk or run in your local area – use an app to track your routes to upload as evidence on the Online Record Book (ORB)
  • WiiFit games
  • Find local trails to hike or run
  • Fitness challenges (e.g. 100 press up challenge, plank challenge, step challenge)
  • Improve your basketball skills with the HomeCourt: Basketball Training app.

Here are some options to help you start or continue your Adventurous Journey section. All Adventurous Journey plans should be discussed with and approved by your Award Leader before undertaking your journey. 

Types of Adventurous Journeys

  • Standard Expedition or Exploration 
  • Urban Exploration 
  • Virtual Bronze Exploration 
  • Semi-Virtual Bronze Expedition 
  • Semi-Virtual Silver Expedition 
  • Virtual Gold Preparation & Training 

Please contact your Award Leader if you are interested in any of the virtual or semi-virtual options. If you are unable to find a group to complete your Adventurous Journey, you can sign up for the Virtual Exploration or find a Trained Activity Provider. Your Award Leader is the best person to reach out to with any questions or concerns about your Adventurous Journey. 

Resources for Adventurous Journeys 

You can find participant Adventurous Journey guides and templates on the Participant Resource Portal. 

Preparation & Training

Get your team of four to seven peers together to start your Preparation & Training and planning your trip. There are many resources available online with activities to develop your navigation, first aid, environmental awareness, and camp craft skills that you can learn at home. Start your prep by checking out some of Parks Canada camping basics.

Trained Activity Providers

Trained Activity Providers are outfitters who have been specifically trained to provided Adventurous Journey opportunities that meet Award requirements. They can work directly with Award Centres to organize trips and are also a great option for individual participants who are looking for a journey.

Ideas for doing your Gold Project during COVID-19

We recognize that the Gold Project is one of the more difficult sections to complete during COVID-19. Here are some ideas of Gold Project opportunities you can complete from home. Remember to set your SMART goal and find an appropriate Assessor.

If you’re unsure if an opportunity meets Gold Project requirements complete this Gold Project Planning Template to see if it fits. This template should be submitted to your Award Leader with your ORB submission for approval.

Share Your Award Experience Through COVID-19

We want to hear about your Award experience during COVID-19! Share how you’ve adjusted your activities, overcome roadblocks and continued your Award during the pandemic.