Give Back, Get Back

You can use a variety of different service opportunities to fulfill Award requirements. It is our goal to continually update this list of examples. If you would like a Qualifying Service idea added to this list, please email us at

Examples and Ideas

People in the community
Visiting people in need, such as elderly or disabled people, on a regular basis to provide assistance with shopping, gardening or other domestic tasks, or simply to keep them company with reading or conversing
Voluntary work in hospitals and care facilities
Sports coaching, leadership or umpiring (without remuneration)
First aid – doing a course and providing skills to the benefit of the local community, ie: being a first-aider at sporting events, or dance competitions

Community organisations
Voluntary work in local library
Helping with a local community radio, newsletter, newspaper or blog,
Voluntary work at community events and tradeshows
Voluntary work at local charity, non-profit or place of worship

Youth work

Acting in a leadership role in a youth club or uniformed youth organization
Teaching a person to read or write, or computer skills
Reading buddy at local library
Assist with crafting or play groups at community centres

Environmental service
Participating in a conservation project such as clearing wasteland, cleaning a river or shoreline, caring for threatened wildlife or trees or invasive species clearing
Caring for a public, community or school garden
Providing, maintaining and encouraging the use of public waste collection and recycling
Caring for animals local pound or rescue
Working in a clean-up campaign
Promoting environmental sustainability
Voluntary work with local parks board

Charity work
Fundraising for a charity
Creating or maintaining a charity website or newsletter

Emergency services
Helping an emergency service team, such as the fire services, surf life-saving, lifeboats, coastguard, police, mountain rescue or civil defence
Assisting with local or national disaster operations

Working on school newspaper or yearbook
Peer tutoring
Assisting school librarian
Student Council
Organizing activities at school


Service Opportunities

The following organizations provide excellent service opportunities. Please note that we do not screen these organizations and do not accept any liability associated with any activities through these organizations.

1.Volunteer BC & Volunteer Yukon
The Volunteer BC and Volunteer Yukon websites have great resources and links to local Volunteer Centres in communities across BC as well as opportunities across the Yukon.

2. Free The Children & Me to We
Through domestic empowerment programs and leadership training, Free The Children, a Canadian non-profit organization, inspires young people to develop as socially conscious global citizens and become agents of change for their peers around the world. Me to We is an innovative social enterprise which provides people with better choices for a better world, including transformative international volunteer trips, leadership training programs and materials, an inspirational speakers bureau, and books which address issues of positive social change.

3. Fort Rodd Hill Restoration with Parks Canada (Victoria)
Help protect historic Fort Rodd Hill and the Fisgard Lighthouse by helping with invasive species removal.

4. Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Join thousands of Canadians who are protecting and preserving our waterways against shoreline litter.  Cleanups can happen any time of year and anywhere land meets water; ocean, lake, river, stream, wetland, even storm drains.  If you would like to get involved, visit the website to register and find out more information about the project.

5. Volunteer Victoria
Volunteer Victoria offers many opportunities for youth in the region to find volunteer positions, for both single events and long-term commitment. They have a listing where you can search according to your age, interests and skills for a great match!

6. Go Volunteer
Go Volunteer offers opportunities for varied volunteer positions throughout BC.