Silver Award Ceremony & Gold Pin Presentation 2019

Congratulations to all of our Silver & Gold Award recipients for 2019! We awarded 23 Silver certificates and 5 Gold pins to those achievers who were able to attend our ceremony November on 23rd at the Legislature. 


Front row left to right: Joseph Swan, Libby Shaw, Brandon Mulherin, William Sayson, Devon Richard, Mireya Palacios, Connor Osmond, Anika Nice
Second row left to right: Carter Moore, Wil McPherson, Lauren Wylie, Christopher Tait, Yi Tong Wang, Andreea Vasiliu, Nikhil Joshi, Kathryn Doucette, Megan Guptill
Third row left to right: Llewellyn Kernighan, Benjamin Liang, Samantha Keow, Tegan Aguinaga, Paige Allaby, Ore Alugo
Back row left to right: Jacob Dilworth, Maude Couturier, The Honourable Brenda Murphy, Rose He, Kenzie Auger, Jonathan Savage