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Find your genius 

Through the Skills section you can develop your personal interests, as well as practical and social skills.You could choose to improve on an existing skill or try something new. This section is all about trying and learning something, getting better at it and giving yourself a sense of achievement and well being. Colleges, universities and employers like to see that you have life skills too!

Examples Ideas
Here’s a list of some Skills section ideas that you could do or use as a starting point to create a program of your own.  Just remember the activity must be passive and non athletic in nature!

General  Arts 
Computing Art and Architecture appreciation 
Cooking Drawing
Drama  Painting 
Theatre appreciation  Photography
Web design  Scultpure
Collections and Studies  Communication
Collections: general, civics and politics       Film  
Financial matters  Magazine production
Librarianship  Language
Cultural studies Public speaking 
Religious studies  Reading 
Local and historical surveys  Writing 
 Crafts Music 
Fashion design  Playing a musical instument
Furniture making   Musical appreciation  
Knitting Singing 
Nature  Recreative Studies  
Farming   Chess 
Forestry Fishing  
Gardening  Refereeing / officiating 
  Table games  
Boat work / construction    
Vehicle driving   

For the complete requirements for the Skill Development section please click here.