Want to Start An Award Club at Your School Today?




Benefits to bringing an Award Club ​to Your School


There are so many benefits to starting an Award Club at your school!

  • Counts toward your volunteer hours
  • Introduces the Award to classmates
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Leadership opportunity to add to your portfolio

Facts About Schools That Have An Award Club in BC & Yukon

  • 4,000+ youth participating
  • Over 20 public schools
  • Dozens of ​independent schools 

How to Start the Club

Write to our Program Coordinator and explain that you would be interested in starting an Award club.

  • Let us know if there is a teacher or staff member that you would nominate to support your activities as a Leader.
  • Share with us if there are other students you know who would want to participate.


Template Letter - for your Principal or Vice Principal

We want to support your efforts and have created a template letter to send to your head of school. Make sure that you fill out the highlighted areas with your information!

Here is a letter template to send and express your interest in starting an Award Club. We would love to support your school to become the next AWARD SCHOOL!

AWARD AT SCHOOL is an information package to provide to your nominated Leader and your head of school.