Award During COVID-19

Please click here and read our response to Doing the Award during the Covid-19 outbreak.

"...there are many ways participants can continue their activities for the Skills, Service and Physical Recreation sections from their own homes, not only to keep their Award progress on track, but to combat the inevitable boredom and anxiety many young people may face. During these uncertain times, it’s important for participants to stay active and healthy in a safe and positive way and the Award can be a great way of doing so​."

Please note: it is paramount that anyone considering undertaking Award activities outside of the home in areas affected by the COVID-19 virus outbreak must consult their local public health or relevant government authorities before doing so. Please practice social distancing and do not gather with others for the purpose of completing your award activities at this time.​



Stuck at home? Feeling isolated? Questions about how to continue doing your Award?
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