Romy's Story

Gold Award Achiever

Gold Award Achiever Being a part of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award program has been fantastic. Challenging and demanding? Of course. No matter how tough, I have enjoyed participating in this program for the nearly 4 years since I started.
At my school The Award is a big deal and everyone is involved. I couldn’t wait to get started but had to wait till the second year of high school to begin. 

A couple of years ago, the thought of receiving my Gold Award, before graduating, seemed an impossible feat. Yet as I worked more and more, I realised that everything I needed for the 'Duke of Ed' was something I already did and enjoyed. Then when time came for me to start my Gold, I was ready for the challenge and determined to do my best. 

I have a passion for the outdoors, camping, hiking, exploring and adventuring…all of it. When I learned that I could pursue my love for the outdoors through The Award I was even more eager to continue. In the ninth grade I went on an exchange to Western Australia for 4 months. While there I had the incredible opportunity to go on a 10 day Outward Bound with some of the school’s grade 11’s. This is was my Residential Project. At first I was terrified of going on such and expedition with all strangers but soon made friends and loved the experience, despite how tough it was. This is where I lead a group for the first time and was able to use my knowledge of the outdoors to lead in my own way. 

The Award program helped me discover what I believed in and to find the person I wished to become. I go about things in the most positive way possible and always try to gain something new from every situation. Stepping outside my comfort zone at every occasion possible is how I try to live. If we are not pushing ourselves further than we have before then we are not living life to the fullest. I’ve discovered lots of things about myself through this program. 

Working on my Gold Award has taught me to manage all sorts of situations. From organising an adventurous journey with other classmates to leading Cadets. I have learned many valuable skills from doing The Award. I can see myself working in the outdoor business in the future. The Award has helped me for this by planning and preparing for trips, leading groups, participating in a range of outdoor sports and building me into a strong global citizen. 

- Romy Zeitlinger, Sutton, Quebec 

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