Fallon's Story

Gold Award Achiever

Gold Award Achiever A life changing experience was not exactly what I was expecting when I first joined
the Duke of Edinburgh Program.  I had always been the type of student who was involved in the school community, so I thought The Award program would be a great adventure to undergo and it intrigued
me.  The four components of the program; service, skill, physical and adventurous journey, were what I had always considered a well-rounded individual to be, so I thought I would take the challenge.

Despite already being socially engaged, this program turned out to be more of a challenge than I had expected and it forced me to uncover things about myself, I would have never found out if it had been otherwise.  I was already performing three types of dance and volunteering regularly within my school, but I lacked a 'skill'. This is what luckily led me to joining the underwater robotics team at my school.  Through research and implementing various engineering principals, we create a remote operated vehicle to perform specific underwater tasks in a competition.  Designing and building an ROV using mathematical and physics calculations, along with my new confidence to use various tools, saws and equipment has shown me abilities, I personally wouldn’t have explored if not for this Award program. 

There are so many components, like electrical, that look so difficult to figure out when configuring a robot. But you have to learn to see behind the greater picture, to the little things that matter the most and aren’t so scary. This skill opened up the world of engineering to me and also showed me even the best laid out plan sometimes doesn’t work the way you’d like.

It also forced me to go on journeys I never thought I could conquer.  While hiking those difficult trails, there were times I questioned myself.  You’d climb up a mountain, giving it your all every step of the way, only to have to climb back down.  I realize now looking back, that the challenge was not about the mountain, it was about every single step along the way. 

- Fallon Piercey, Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
"I realize now looking back, that the challenge was not about the mountain, it was about every single step along the way." Read More Stories