Vaughn Solomon Schofield

Lieutenant Governor - Province of Saskatchewan

Lieutenant Governor - Province of Saskatchewan For years, I have had a photograph of my father, George Solomon, receiving an award from the Duke of Edinburgh in Ottawa in 1975.  The Award was from the National Council of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in recognition of my father’s contributions to the organization.

After living in the United States for a number of years, I returned home to Saskatchewan, and that photograph, and my father’s commitment to community service, inspired me to get involved on the Saskatchewan Board of Directors.

Through my time on the Board, I came to understand how valuable the program was for youth.  I saw young people gain confidence through achievement, and cultivate skills that would serve them throughout their lives.  They also learned about the importance of community service, and became examples for others.

Certainly, a highlight for me was the visit of The Earl of Wessex, when he presented Duke of Edinburgh Awards to outstanding Saskatchewan youth in 2014.  I was so proud of our accomplished young people, and very impressed by His Royal Highness, who is an exceptional role model.

I am grateful for the years I was able to serve on the Board and I am proud to be an Honorary Patron for the Award in Saskatchewan.

Vaughn Solomon Schofield
Lieutenant Governor
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