Joanie Cunningham

Award Leader

I love being a Duke leader and in the beginning I was not so sure that I would. I wasn't confident I would qualify as I don't have a strong background in the outdoors. After attending a couple training sessions with Duke NS and the support of some parents of Duke members with outdoor experience, I plunged in. Now I know I had nothing to worry about and the students and I always have a great time hiking and camping...even in the rain! The students always enjoy learning new skills and love the outdoorsy and social aspect of the Adventurous  Journey. In the end, they always learn more than they thought they  would from all of their hard work in all of the award strands and I would definitely recommend the program to Leaders and students alike!!


April 2014, Joanie Cunningham, Ellenvale Junior High School, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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