Heather Aucoin

Award Leader

I have been a Duke Leader since 2001 and have had the great joy of working with hundreds of youth outside of the classroom thanks to this programme. The Award pushes youth out of their comfort zone and encourages them to try new things. It also gets them working with and giving back to their communities and there is something magical about sharing the gift of the outdoors with youth.  Whether an experienced camper or a first timer who has never spent a night in the woods, seeing the looks of excitement, pride and satisfaction on their faces as they hike their last kilometer and realize they have accomplished the goal they set for themselves…that never gets old. I am a better teacher because of this program and, like the students, am learning new skills, giving back to my community and becoming a better me! Everyone should be a part of this adventure!  


- April 2014, Heather Aucoin, Astral Drive Junior High, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

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