Meera's Story

Silver Award Achiever

Silver Award Achiever My amazing journey with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program started when I was in Grade 9. Previous to this, I had heard many great things about The Award from my older brother, and so, I was eager to start recording my skills, physical recreation, and service hours as soon as possible.  But, similar to every other participant, I was most excited to complete my adventurous journey!

On a weekly basis, I checked the Duke of Edinburgh website for volunteer opportunities. One day, I came across a page called Expedition 50, and I was intrigued at first glance. Expedition 50, which celebrated The Duke of Edinburgh Award’s 50th Anniversary in Canada, was an event in which 40 Award participants from across Canada got to fly to Jasper National Park, in Alberta, for a week and complete their adventurous journey. I excitedly applied and within a few weeks, I got an email saying that I had been accepted! I was beyond ecstatic! 

My trip truly consisted of multiple once-in-a-lifetime moments. I got the chance to hike up the Edith Cavell, go white water rafting down the Athabasca River, and meet inspiring individuals such as Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek and Mantracker star, Terry Grant. My adventurous journey was kayaking approximately 26 km across Maligne Lake: an absolutely breathtaking, turquoise-coloured, glacier-fed lake. At the start of this trip, I was slightly nervous, as the distance was longer than I had expected, but I understood that everyone was feeling these same emotions. 

During this journey, I realized that there are some things that you must do, not only to test your limits, but to appreciate how much fun they could be. I realized that it is important to do things out of your comfort zone once in a while. 

I find that The Award has been so rewarding to me, not only in a physical sense, but in a mental one as well. It has allowed me to get out of my busy routine and connect with nature, meet spectacular people from all around Canada and experience places that I could only dream about. Most of all, The Award has allowed me to discover passions within myself that I never knew existed. 

I am appreciative for the experiences that The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program has allowed me to accomplish and am eager for the upcoming adventures The Award holds for me. 

- Meera Jagota, Toronto, Ontario

"I realized that there are some things that you must do, not only to test your limits, but to appreciate how much fun they could be." Read More Stories