Norman Hart

Award Leader

Award Leader January 1959 Sir John Hunt came to my school (Woodberry Downs Comprehensive} in the UK and presented several of the pupils with Silver and Bronze awards. I was the recipient of a Silver medal. The following year on the 18th May 1960 I was amongst the first to be awarded the Gold Award by the Duke himself at Buckingham Palace..since those times I've noticed how I automatically continue using the tenacious experiences I learned to reach my goals. I've had many and for the last 16 years I've been the VP for COMMFFEST a charitable organization based in downtown Toronto. We empower the youth and others in the entertainment industry including the craft of filmmaking, editing, producing and more..We also have an annual film, art, and music festival that screens films from around the world created by new filmmakers that deal with their local social and cultural issues ..www.commffest.com. Because of my D of E background and the character strength it provides, many of the youth we encounter are encouraged to participate in the scheme... Read More Stories