Participant registration fee increase

Effective July 1, 2018, the participant registration fee for The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Canada  will be $50 per Award level.  This is our first fee increase since 2013 and reflects many recent changes and developments in the Award including significant investments in our On-Line Record Book and mobile app, improvements to our website and internet security, improved support for youth and leaders and organizing national events for participants to name just a few. 

 As a registered charity we continue to offset the majority of our costs through grants, fundraising, charitable donations and events. 

It remains our mission to ensure that the Award is available and accessible to all youth in Canada, regardless of circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why are you increasing the Award fee?
    The Award is growing and reaching more Canadian youth than ever before. That requires training, travel and investment, including information security. Since our last fee change in 2013, the Award has created a new website, developed the On-Line Record Book (version 1 and 2) and launched a mobile app. We have also hosted two national week-long participant events, and are planning for more in the future.
  2. What does the Award fee get me?
    As a participant in this International Award program, you receive access to the On-Line Record Book, the app, support from your division office, a trained leader or Award Officer staff support, a chance to participate in National events, and ceremonies at the Silver and Gold level. 

  3. Will the fee go up again?
    The Award is conscious of increasing costs for participants and attempts to keep the fee as low as possible. There will be no increase in the price for at least the next two years (2020).

  4. What if I can’t afford the fee?
    The Award works diligently to ensure that participation is truly a barrier free process. Please contact your division for more information.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us