We Are Here for You

The Ontario Award office will orient and support Award Leaders every step of the way.  We are here to help you help young people achieve their goals.  Your main contact will be the Award Officer for your region (postal code).  Award Officers are employees of the Award who work at the provincial level to help Participants succeed and Award Units thrive. Among other things, Award Officers are responsible for:

  • Providing training, materials, and administrative support to Award Units and Award Leaders
  • Maintaining the integrity and standards of the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in Ontario
  • Assessing and approving Awards at the Bronze and Silver levels in conjunction with the Award Assessment Committee
  • Promoting the Award to organizations and individuals in their region

Please let your regional Award Officer know if you have any questions or need support, we are happy to help!

The Ontario Award office is also here to help you! At the Ontario Office, we strive to provide the resources and training that all of our Participants and Leaders need to be successful.  Among other things, the Ontario Award Office is responsible for:

  • Developing training, materials, and resources for Award Leaders and Participants
  • Providing administrative support to Award Officers
  • Developing fundraising and awareness initiatives for the Award
  • Maintaining relevant social media and communication platforms
  • Processing and mailing all Awards achieved
  • Planning and organizing Silver and Gold Award Ceremonies
  • Promoting the Award on a provincial level

Please feel free to contact the Ontario Office if you have any questions or need assistance.