Why do the Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award provides a framework for you to get the most recognition for your commitments to bettering yourself and your communities. We believe in helping youth find their passions, engage in their community, and grow along the way! Participants design a program that is unique to them and receive recognition for what they want to do.  The Award is accessible to all, regardless of socioeconomic status, ability, ethnicity, or gender.

Achievement at any level - Bronze, Silver, or Gold - is an indication of a young person who is able to sustain a commitment, overcome personal challenge, has developed time management skills, and has a well-rounded area of interests with a proven commitment to their community. The Award enhances any application to post-secondary education, including scholarship submissions, and is a significant addition to any resume, identifying the commitment and characteristics of the individual.

Top 10 Reasons to Do the Award 


Young people make positive changes to their lives and communities by participating in the Award. Our impact framework identifies these impacts and how the Award measures up against them.

- Increased participation in civic life

- Improved employment opportunities and sustainable livelihoods

- Social inclusion

- Improved physical health and well-being

- Awareness of the natural environment

- Recognition of equality and encouragement of empowerment

- Improved commitment to personal growth

- Conflict resolution and peace-building

- Reduced recidivism rates