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The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award - Canada values its team of committed, diverse and competent people.

We strive to offer fair and competitive employment conditions, as well as exciting development opportunities. All of our work opportunities are posted in this section of our website, including opportunities for volunteering.

Current Opportunities


1. National Board Director-at-large/With focus on Youth and Alumni (Volunteer)

This Director-at-Large position on The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada’s National Board (“National Board”) is a three-year position for a Gold Award Holder between the ages of 19 and 28. Interested individuals will gain valuable business experience working with other Board Members developing policy and helping direct the Award in Canada.

This position has full voting rights and may be renewed per the terms of Directors’ Appointment outlined in s.5.05 of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada’s Bylaw #1.

It is expected that the Director-at-Large will bring a unique perspective to the National Board and its committees, having recently achieved the Gold or Silver Award. This Director is expected to be actively involved with current participants as well as alumni.

This position affords the opportunity for the selected individual to attend the Annual General Meeting held in Toronto each spring and the semi-annual fall meeting. Transportation and accommodation costs for both meetings will be covered in line with the organization’s expenses policy for staff. It is also expected that the selected individual will participate in National Board conference calls as well as any other committee conference calls upon which they may sit.

A key part of this role is to chair the National Alumni Committee, a sub-committee of the Award Standards Committee. The National Alumni Committee consists of Award Holders from many of the existing Award Holder’s groups across the country, as well as National Board Members.

Past activities of this committee have included:

  • Creating and running a mentorship program.
  • Creating and running national youth events such as a LEAD Event.
  • Selecting youth to represent Canada at Award Conferences such as the International Gold Event.
  • Working to improve the existence and current structure of alumni groups across the country.

This type of committee work is a fantastic addition to any Award holder’s resume, and input from the selected individual and their network will help keep the Award focused on continual improvement based on real feedback.​

Key Responsibilities:

  • Chair the National Alumni Committee (a sub-committee of the Award Standards Committee).
  • Developing and Voting on Award Policy.
  • Be actively engaged with current Participants and Alumni.
  • Attend the Annual General meeting in Toronto held each spring, and the semi-annual fall meeting.
    (Accommodations and Travel expenses covered in accordance with the organization’s expense policy for staff.)
  • Participate in National Board conference calls as well as any other committee conference calls upon
    which they may sit.

Process for selection:​

  1. This position is open to Canadian Gold Award achievers between the ages of 19-28. Applications from outstanding Silver Award Holders of the same age may also be accepted.

  2. The application form linked below must be completed and submitted before Friday, February 8, 2019 for appointment in April 2019. You may also wish to submit a resume, a covering letter and up to two relevant references (from someone who has worked with you in any previous volunteering activity or an employer) to strengthen your application. While not compulsory, this may provide the Nominations Committee greater insight into your experience, skills and commitment.

    Application Form

  3. Applications must be submitted to the office of the Division where you achieved your Award (please see contact information below). Applications will be forwarded from the Division Office to the National Program Manager. There is no restriction on the number of applications a Division may submit.

    Division Contact Information

  4. A sub-committee of the Award Standards Committee will review applications and create a shortlist to forward to the Nominating Committee.

  5. The Nominating Committee’s selection will be confirmed with the Division from which the candidate applied before announcing the results.​