Who is an Assessor

What is an Assessor?

Assessors are considered "experts" in an activity. Their role is to engage with participants and offer guidance, mentoring and encouragement. Assessors should be determined early on to help participants set achievable goals for their chosen activities. The assessor should be aware that they will be assessing whether or not a participant has undertaken the required regular effort and has striven to achieve their goals.  An Assessor shouldn’t be surprised when asked to complete an assessor report, when an activity is finished.

For each activity of the Duke of Ed, a participant will need at an assessor to help guide them throughout their Award. They must attest and comment on the participant’s commitment and verify that the participant has completed the activity.  Ideally, Assessors will not be members of the participant's immediate family. However, in some cases they may be the best qualified individuals to assess the participant’s activity. For example, if a participant has selected Cooking as their Skill and the family member is a Chef, then that family member could be the assessor.  The assessor would use their expertise, as a Chef, to assess the participant’s progress and sign off on the activity.

An assessor is needed to sign off once the participant completes each activity. This may result in multiple assessors for a section.  For example, if the participant chose hockey and baseball for their Physical Recreation sections, they would need an assessor for the hockey activities and an assessor for the baseball activities. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Be suitably experienced and qualified in the activity in which you are assessing and understand the relevant Duke of Ed requirements for the section.

  • Assist the participant to identify and set achievable goals for the section they are assessing and to help develop a program to reach their goals.

  • Encourage and recognize improvements in the participant and record positive comments about the participant's progress.

  • Attest and comment on the participant’s activity as well as complete the assessor report to verify the participant has completed the activities as logged.

  • Assessors are responsible for signing off on the activity which they are assessing. The frequency of the contact and monitoring between the participant and the Assessor will depend on the activity and independence of the participant. Contact between assessor and participant ideally is every 2-4 weeks or when it is appropriate.
Download the at a glance guide to being an Award Assessor