Opportunities and Grants

Award Centres and participants can take advantage of various exciting opportunities and gain access to grants to support them through their Award experience.

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Changing Lives Activity Grant:

Are you ready to pursue your passion or explore new horizons, but facing financial barriers? You’re in luck because the solution is here to empower you to achieve your goals!

At Award Canada, we believe that all young people participating in the Award should have the opportunity to follow their passion, irrespective of socio or economic status. Thanks to our generous partners at the McCall MacBain Foundation, we’re thrilled to introduce the ‘Changing Lives Activity Grant.’

This grant is your pathway to turning your passions and aspirations into reality. Our commitment is to assist you in your journey, and this grant is tailored to make a real difference.

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Participants: Young people participating in the Award are eligible to receive up to $750 in funding, to support an activity they wish use for their Award. This grant can be used for any section of the Award with a focus on deepening a participants leadership skills in a meaningful way. Apply today and ignite your passion!

Award Centres: Are you looking to support young people in your Award Centre fulfil their passions? The Changing Lives Activity grant is also available to adult mentors seeking financial support for the activity costs of their participants. Award Centres are eligible for up to $2500 in support. Please follow this link to apply now.

Grant Criteria: If approved, applicants will need to share an Award in Action story and photos that demonstrates the positive impact of this grant on the completion of your Award. You can share your story by filling out this form.

Please note: This grant cannot be used for Award registration fees.

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Jumpstart Individual Child Grants for Virtual Award Centre Participants:

Award Canada is a proud Service Organization/Payee for Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Individual Child Grants. If you or your child, aged under 18, are gearing up to register in our Virtual Award Centre, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. The application awaits you on their website—make sure to delve into eligibility, requirements, and details. ou can also find additional information on their FAQ webpage. Seize the moment; it’s an opportunity not to be missed!

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Adventurous Journey Grant:

In partnership with The RBC Foundation through their Future Launch Initiative and Tech for Nature – Award Canada will be providing grants of up to $1000.00 to remove barriers to completing the Adventurous Journey. These grants are available to licensed Award Centres and have been designed to help participants complete their Adventurous Journey. The Adventurous Journey grant has positively affected six Award Centres and 71 participants to date.

Please note: The Adventurous Journey Grant is subject to availability until funds are depleted. 

Apply here
  • Applications are for Licensed Award Centres. If you are a participant, we encourage you to speak with your Award Leader. Your Award Centre will be able to provide support in the planning of your Adventurous Journey.
  • Applications must be sent in by completing the form.
  • All applications are welcomed but preference will be given to those who are helping young people from the following communities: Women, visible minorities, persons with disabilities, underserved populations, indigenous, 2SLGBTQI+, newcomers, low socio-economic status, rural and remote individuals.
  • These funds can be used to cover the fees for transportation from the Award Centre to the Adventurous Journey location, to purchase or rent equipment, food and/or site/accommodation fees.
  • An Award Centre can apply for up to a $1,000 grant.
  • If approved, the Award Centre will need to share an Award in Action story and photos that demonstrates the positive impact of this grant on the completion of the Adventurous Journey. You can share your story by filling out this form.
  • Your Award Centre will acknowledge the support of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Canada (The Award Canada) and the RBC Future Launch and Tech for Nature program in any social media posts or materials related to your Adventurous Journey.