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Determine what level is right for you. The Award is divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Around the world, young people face a broad mosaic of challenges; many unseen by previous generations. 

New technologies, never-ending supplies of information and new societal trends are all contributing to an ever-changing global landscape.  One which young people not only have to adapt to now, but will need to continue to evolve with, throughout their lives. 

We have launched the #WORLDREADY campaign to drive awareness and discussion around these challenges and how – as a global society – we can help our young people to ensure they are ready for their world – whatever their world may look like. 

But is this just a matter of young people being ready for the world? Or do we also have to consider whether the world itself is really ready to engage positively with young people and the opportunities that they present.


The Duke Edinburgh’s International Award is an internationally recognized program for young people, building their skills to equip them for life and work. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development.​  ​

What we do

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global award that allows young people to determine what they are passionate about, regardless of their background, culture or access to resources



Our Framework

The Award is completed in  three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold . There are four Sections of activities for all Award levels, plus a Gold Project at the Gold. ​ 


Give back

​The Award encourages young people to spend time volunteering in their community, which both benefits others and contributes to their own growth and well-being.

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Find your genius

The Award encourages young people to spend time volunteering in their community, which both benefits others and contributes to their own growth and well-being. Participants can choose to improve on an existing skill or try something completely new, as they develop personal interests and enhance their practical and social skills.

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Break a sweat

Physical Recreation encourages healthy behavior not only for Participants, but also for their communities, via improved health, or active participation in team activities. This section specifically aims to impacts the health, team skills, self-esteem and confidence of Participants.

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Get Wild

The Adventurous Journey sparks exploration and drives a sense of adventure, as small teams plan, train and undertake a journey through an unfamiliar environment.

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Go away, explore, discover

Completed at the Gold level, the Gold Project provides a Participant the opportunity to learn how to work with people of different backgrounds, develop skills and build confidence living in new environments.​

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Our Impact

Exploring Nature
Access to nature provides invaluable life skills and environmental awareness.
Is the total amount of hours participants spent in nature.
1,296,360 km
Is the total distance participants traveled during their Adventurous Journeys.

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