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#LeadersofToday November 16, 2022

Journey to Gold, Evangelina’s Award Story

The Award would know to introduce Evangelina! Evangelina is a dedicated member of The Award and has completed Bronze and Silver and is currently working towards Gold. Let’s hear about Evangelina’s story.

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#LeadersofToday October 20, 2022

Learn, Grow, & Inspire, Brenna’s Award Story

Brenna is a Bronze Award Achiever from New Brunswick who has developed new skills and expanded existing skills through The Award. We are excited to share her journey to earning The Award.

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#LeadersofToday October 06, 2022

Relationship Building, Daniel’s Award Story

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September 08, 2022

Acknowledgement of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen

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News August 04, 2022

Award Recognition Restructure Announcement

To properly recognize and motivate young people, it is imperative that Award Holders can attend a timely ceremony with their families and peers for each level of the Award achieved. Effective July 2022, Award Canada has restructured its Award Recognition.

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Life After the Award June 21, 2022

Canadian Award Holder - Debapriya Chakraborty

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The duke of Edinburgh
News December 08, 2021

History of Prince Philip's Award Legacy

In tribute to HRH The Duke of Edinburgh’s lasting legacy, we’re asking people around the world who have done their Award to share their personal stories, creating the first-ever global collection of Award memories.

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#LeadersofToday October 25, 2021

Discovering Olympic Dreams

Madison's Award Story

Growing up watching her older brother complete his Award sparked the competitive nature in Madison, and led her to tackle the Award for herself.

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