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Your Passion Begins Here

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada values its team of committed, diverse and passionate people. Our staff are made up of a vibrant and motivated mix of individuals found across Canada and with the help of technology, collaboration, trust, and support, it feels as though we’re working side by side.

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Work Environment and Benefits

Health and wellbeing are of utmost importance and is part of our culture. We are committed to creating a beneficial working environment for all staff. As an equal opportunity employer, we recognize and celebrate that every individual is different and should feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work.

Our broad range of benefits, healthcare coverage, development opportunities and generous holiday allowance, ensure you receive rewards that go beyond your base salary.

From the way we value our people, to the work we do, the Award brings together multiple perspectives and world views to form our unique organizational culture.

Our Values

locked hands Collaborative

Working with colleagues, sharing, communicating and working together to solve issues

transformational Transformational

Ideas, solutions and work choices focus on the “whole system”, considering a wide range of factors and new solutions

proactive Proactive

Implemented work is planned, aligned with strategy, forward looking and clearly targeted

intercultural Inclusive

We value diversity and work hard to include the widest groups of people in our internal and external activities

book Learning

We recognize that we can to learn from others, we invest in our own learning and help others to learn and improve through feedback and support

Current Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with us. Currently there are no additional employment opportunities at this time.
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Volunteer With Us

Thank you for your interest in volunteering as an adult with the Award in Canada. Getting involved with the Award as an adult allows you to give back to your community and beyond as part of an internationally recognized youth development platform. With positive and dedicated adult volunteers, we ​can reach young people in all corners of our country to help them discover their passion, purpose and place in the world.

  • Expand the Award family by creating an Award Centre
  • Become a mentor by becoming an Award Leader
  • Invest in the Award
  • Advocate for the Award
  • Join the Award Holder Network

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