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The Award is a Catalyst

Today’s young people face a broad range of challenges and are bombarded by information, expectation, and uncertainty. They are growing up with complexities and challenges unseen by the previous generations. 


If they are to succeed, they need the skills, resilience and understanding to ensure they can take on unexpected challenges. The Award provides a framework that develops these holistic life skills and inspires young people to unlock their potential. 


Our framework is a ready-made tool that encourages participation in volunteerism, skill development, physical activity, team building and pushing your comfort zone. Adults delivering the Award mentor participants utilizing the plan, do, review learning model to work towards achieving their personal goals over a sustained period. If you work in a capacity where you engage young people, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award can enrich your developmental programming. 


Why Deliver the Award?

The Award’s experiential learning framework is an established set of activities and record keeping practices designed to fuel young people’s learning by stimulating creative thought, improving social and organizational skills, developing interests and talents, and building confidence all while offering a chance for young people discover their passions.  


It has been recognized that in preparing young adults to meet the ever-evolving global challenges of today and tomorrow, experiential and formal learning are both important and necessary. The Award believes that when delivered as separate entities they both offer value to the recipient, but when delivered together, they enhance each other and offer a holistic learning experience for young people.  

The Award framework encourages participants to engage in physical activities, develop hobbies, and focus on personal growth. Engaging in recreational activities and pursuits can reduce anxiety, depression, and burnout, fostering mental resilience and emotional stability. Furthermore, the social connections formed through experiential learning activities create a sense of belonging and support, reducing feelings of isolation and promoting overall well-being. 

Participants will join more than a million young people who are currently doing the Award around the world, in addition to millions of Award alumni. By delivering the Award, you become part of an international network of Award Operators, Leaders and like-minded individuals and organizations. 

The Award as a co-curricular provides external recognition and motivation that positively impacts overall academic performance and engagement. Award achievements are acknowledged by business leaders, post-secondary institutions and governments across the globe. By taking on responsibilities outside of academics, students learn to manage their time effectively, set goals, delegate tasks, motivate their peers and lead by example. These experiences cultivate essential leadership qualities that are transferable to academics, life and professional contexts. 

As the world’s leading youth achievement Award, we equip young people aged 14 to 25 with the skills, experience and confidence to successfully navigate adult life. This program is a rich and proven learning approach that ensures diversity, equity and inclusion, while removing barriers for all to participate in this unique and challenging experience! 

For more than 60 years, we have been helping young people transform their lives and their communities. The Award allows participants to diversify their educational experience in a non-traditional approach by fostering lifelong skills that will accompany them during their adult life. It provides a unique opportunity for young people to step out of their comfort zones, develop progressive habits and engage in new experiences. Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and interpersonally, which exposes them to diverse cultures, perspectives and environments. This exposure broadens their horizons, fosters empathy and leads to a more enriched and well-rounded understanding of the world.  

Become an Award Delivery Partner

The Award works with several types of delivery partners. We strive to create bespoke mutually beneficial and value-driven partnerships, to increase the access, reach and impact of the Award globally. The Award licenses, for a fee, established youth organizations who wish to incorporate our experiential learning framework into their program delivery model.   

Can be issued to localized, individual organizations such as independent schools or youth clubs. Typically, Award Centres have less than 250 participant registrations annually.  

Can be issued to regionalized organizations such as school boards or districts; provincial organizations such as ministries/departments of education; or national organizations such as uniformed groups like Cadets and Scouts. Typically, Operating Partners have more than 500 youth or have the capacity for rapid growth. 

To deliver the Award at your organization you must guarantee:

  • Your organization is an established and reputable legal entity. 

  • The Award is a logical fit within your organization, and you have an existing membership of young people aged 14 – 24.  

  • You have the administrative, financial and staff capacity to manage the delivery of the Award at your organization.  

  • You have risk management and youth safeguarding policies and procedures aligned with national and provincial/territorial legislations. 

Download our Deliver the Award provider pack for more detailed information, or fill out this expression of interest form to start the conversation with our office. 


Deliver the Award provider pack Expression of interest form

As a high school teacher and long-time Award Leader, I see the Duke of Edinburgh programme as an incredible opportunity for personal development for young people that will help them be successful throughout their lives.

Dave - Award Leader