Privacy Policy

National Privacy Policy  

revised July 11, 2018

Who We Are

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global program whose goal it is to challenge, empower,
and recognize young people between the ages of 14 and 24. The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
– Canada is the national entity (Charity Registration Number 12391 6751 RR0002) licensed in Canada
however this policy applies to its ten 10) Divisions as well.

Our Commitment

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award – Canada and its Divisions (the “Organization”) are
committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its employees, participants, leaders,
volunteers, donors and other stakeholders.

What Data We Collect 


Personal Information 

“Personal Information” is any information that can be used to identify (or infer the identity of) a specific
individual, including, for example, your name, address, birth date, gender, etc. In some cases, your
computer’s IP address can be considered personal information, as it may give some indication of your
geographic location.

We may ask you for personal information in a variety of ways, including website forms, surveys, mail-in
forms, over the phone and in person. As a member of the Award Family (participant, alumni, Award leader,
Award unit personal, volunteer, Award staff and/or donor) or if you contact us by email, phone, or on
social media, we collect some of your personal information.

Cookies and data technology

We use cookies and other technology on our websites to increase your browsing experience as well as
learn how our work appeals to you most. Information collected this way may include (but is not limited
to) your IP address and internet service provider, the type of web browser and operating system you used
and which of our website pages you visited. We use links in our emails to track open and click-through
rates to help us learn what emails appeal to you most.

In some cases, interacting with our web sites, social media accounts or emails provides us with
“anonymous” data, such as IP address, link clicks, page visits, the time spent on a page, etc. We use Google
Analytics on our website to learn where you are, when you’re using our site and what content you find
most interesting. This helps us stay relevant.

We may also use third party cookies, beacons and other storage technologies to understand what website
content is most important to you so that we can measure our performance and target sponsored and
unsponsored content to you on those third party platforms. For example, we use Facebook’s tracking pixel
to learn about what content you are interested in on our website so that we can serve only our most 
relevant advertising to you on Facebook. You can opt out from such Facebook advertising by clicking “Why
am I seeing this?” on our Facebook ads, clicking “Options” and then selecting “Hide all ads from this

It’s possible for the Organization to put anonymous data together with personal information you give us
to find out more about you. This helps us respect what we know about you. For example, when we have
events or activities that are meaningful locally, we try our best to send promotional materials about them
to the affected communities and avoid sending irrelevant or too many emails.

Donation and credit card information

In order to donate to us, you may need to provide your credit card information.
In the case of donations made online, the Organization does not collect your credit card information.
Instead, this information is collected and processed by third-parties. We use third-party providers to
collect your payment information, which is processed directly through third-party providers who uses and
stores it.

Donations made by credit card in person, through the mail or by phone are collected by the Organization
and processed using third-party providers. Your credit card number is used only for the purpose of
processing the donation and is not retained in our files.

Below is a list of third-party providers that we use:

  • CanadaHelps
  • Global Payments Canada
  • iATS
  • Monaris
  • PayPal
  • Shopify
  • Square
  • Sumac


By providing personal information to the Organization, you are providing “deemed” consent to the
collection, use and disclosure of your information in accordance with this policy.

When you provide contact information to us for one purpose, we may contact you using that information
for other areas of our work. For example, if you sign up for our notification of an Award Ceremony, we
may email you about opportunities to support our work with a donation. Or, if you make a donation and
provide us with your mailing address, we may also send a paper newsletter to your home in order to keep
you up-to-date with work you’ve helped make happen.

We respect your right to control your personal information - please contact us immediately if you want
us to stop using it in any particular way. We will fulfill your request in the timeliest way possible.
Please note: In order to adhere to Canada Revenue Agency rules, we are required to maintain donation
records and, in order to comply with our legal obligations, we will not remove this information from our
internal records, even at your request.

Please also note: We may be unable to provide you with certain information or services if you do not give
us specific personal information. For example, we cannot issue you a charitable tax receipt if you do not
provide your address. Similarly, we are unable to send you an e-newsletter if you do not share your email
address with us.

Updating your consent to receiving electronic messages from us

If you would like to stop receiving email from us at any time, click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of
any of our emails or email us at and type “unsubscribe” in the subject line.
If you would like to stop receiving mail solicitations or our paper newsletter from us, please email us at You can also reach us by telephone at 416-203-0674.

Upon reasonable request and notice, you may view and have corrections made to the personal
information we hold about you, subject to any legal or contractual restrictions. If you are aware of any
inaccuracies in the personal information we hold about you or to remove all of your information from our
databases, please contact our Privacy officer at

Ways to prevent us from collecting “anonymous” data

Our websites use cookies and JavaScript-based tracking scripts to collect the anonymous data referred to
above. To stop this from happening, adjust your web browser’s “cookie”, “cache” and JavaScript settings.
Please note that doing so may affect the performance of our web properties, and in some cases may
completely prevent you from using some of our pages and forms.

Why We Collect

We collect, store, use and disclose personal information in order to:
a) manage, administer, record and support participation in the Award
b) verify your identity and personal information
c) maintain and update our records
d) assess and improve our services
e) recruit, train and manage our people
f) manage our relationships with stakeholders including Award participants, staff, volunteers and
g) deal with confirmed or suspected fraud, misconduct, disputes and illegal activity
h) comply with our legal obligations.

We also collect personal information to communicate with our stakeholders including providing
information about the Award activities and events. If you do not wish to be contacted for promotional
purposes, you may advise us using the contact details below. 

We may not be able to do these things – or may not be able to do them effectively – without your personal
information. For example, we may not be able to communicate with you or consider your application for
registration, employment or event attendance.

How We Share

Personal information may be shared between the various organisations and persons responsible for
administering the Award in Canada including contractors and Award staff . This includes us and Provincial
Award Operating Authorities (also referred to as Divisions), Award Units (e.g. schools and clubs who assist
in delivering the Award), assessors, volunteers and Award Leaders (the contact persons and mentors for
Award participants).

We exchange personal information with our contractors and service providers that assist in the operation
or administration of the Award program from time to time (for example, our mailing house, internet, data
storage, auditing, accounting, legal, business consulting, delivery, research, online store and technology

If you apply for a position with us and if you provide us with your express consent to do so we may
exchange your personal information with academic institutions, recruiters, screening check providers,
health service providers, professional and trade associations, law enforcement agencies, referees and
your current and previous employers.

We may also exchange personal information (including sensitive information) with Award organisations
located outside of Canada such as The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation (IAF) who
grants us the licence to operate the Award in Canada (for example delegate details including health
information for international exchanges/camps) The IAF may also access information on the Online
Record Book (ORB) for the purpose of monitoring that the Award in Canada is meeting its licence
obligations, for example by sampling Award Participant’s activity choice and activity hours logged.
We are responsible for overseeing personal information that is maintained for us by third parties who
may be outside of Canada. Some of the third parties described above may be located in (but not limited
to) the United Kingdom and European Union. In all cases, we ensure that any third party has written
policies about not sharing or disclosing your personal information with any other third party without your

How Long We Keep Your Data

We shall destroy documents containing personal information or make the information anonymous as
soon as it is reasonable to assume the following:

  • the purpose for which the personal information was collected is no longer being served by keeping
    the personal information, and
  • it is no longer necessary to keep the personal information for legal or business purposesHowever, if we use your personal information to make a decision that directly affects you, we must keep
  • that information for at least one year after using it so you has a reasonable opportunity to obtain access
    to it.

How do we protect the security of personal information

We use both technological and physical methods to protect personal information from misuse, loss or unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. Depending on the circumstances, these methods may include electronic access controls, premises security and network firewalls. While we take reasonable steps to protect the personal information we hold, we are unable to guarantee the security of that information. Please be aware that there are inherent risks in transmitting information across the internet. If you are concerned about sending information of a sensitive nature to us online, you may prefer to contact us by telephone or mail. We hold personal information electronically and in hard copy form, both at our own premises and with the assistance of our service providers in Canada.

Your Rights

If you would like to access personal information that we hold about you, it is possible to make an access
request by contacting us using the details below. You can also request to update and correct your

In some circumstances, we may not be required by law to provide you with access or to correct your
personal information. In these circumstances, we will provide you with the reason(s) for refusal. If you
disagree with our refusal to make a correction, you can request us to take reasonable steps to associate
a statement with the information noting your disagreement.

Unless the above paragraph applies, we must provide you with the following upon your request:

  • access to your personal information,
  • information on how we have used or are using your personal information, and
  • the names of the individuals and organizations to whom we have disclosed your information and
    the situations in which we disclosed your personal information.

You can cancel or change your consent by giving us reasonable notice, as long as doing so does not break a legal duty or promise between you and ourselves.


We recommend that the children up to the age of 18 ask their parents’/guardians permission before
sending any information about themselves to anyone over the internet. All under 18s are required to
obtain parental consent forms before they can be registered for the Award. 

During the registration process, parents have the option to consent for the participant’s name and other
information and/or photographs regarding the participant and their participation in the Award may be
used by The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada and/or its Divisions in any future
publication for the promotion of the Award Program.


If you have a question or complaint about how we handle personal information or want to access or
correct your personal information, you can contact:

National Executive Director
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada
156 Front Street
Suite 402
Toronto, ON
M5J 2L6

We have a duty to help individuals with their requests and to respond within 30 business days. We can
extend the response time in certain cases.

If you are making a complaint, we may request additional details from you and may need to engage or
consult with other parties in order to investigate and deal with your issue. We will keep records of your
request and any resolution.

We may change this policy from time to time without notice. Changes will be reflected on this page.
To read the entire Policies of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada, please click here.