Why Youth is a Critical Investment

Support Them to be Ready

When demand for support is higher than ever, it can be difficult to know where to invest. Supporting young people through the Award is not just an investment in non-formal education – it is an investment in the foundational skills that young people will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Your investment enables more young people to access the tools they need to adapt to increasingly rapid change and play a constructive role in society. We believe the Award framework is the blueprint for investing in human capital, strengthening resilience, improving employability and entrepreneurship, promoting global prosperity and helping the world’s most vulnerable.


Donate Today

Ways To Get Involved:

Your donation, whether one-off or regular, can expand the access, reach and impact of the Award to young people.

Would you like to leave a lasting legacy for future generations? No matter how large or small, a gift in your will can make a lasting impact and help us to achieve our long-term ambition that every young person will have the opportunity to participate in the Award.

We welcome discussions with organisations who may wish to support us financially or pro-bono. We work with companies around the world to achieve our shared ambitions, aligning our brands and furthering our missions.

A partnership with us could enable you to deliver the Award in your company and empower younger employees with the universal skills they need to progress within your organisation and further their careers.

Invest in young Award participants and holders through internships and volunteering opportunities.

Are you interested in supporting or running events? Provide in-kind support, sponsor our events, or deliver your own to help expand the Award supporter family.

If you are a Trust or Foundation, we would like to work with you to understand your specific areas of interest and show the impact we can have together.

...young people today must feel that upon their shoulders lie the accumulated burdens of the ages. Two dramatic discontinuities in the form of the Global Financial Crisis and now COVID-19. Added to the uncertainty of today's technology age, where work as we know it might well disappear.

Sir Mick Davis - Entrepreneur, Director of Companies and Philanthropist