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Award Rule of Thumb:

If you think more than you sweat, it's a skill!

With so many hobbies and interests to choose from, the Skill Section of the Award allows you to explore and discover talents within yourself that you may have only hoped or dreamed about.

In some ways, this is the broadest section of the Award as it offers so many choices based on individual interests and passions, whether artistic, creative, musical, academic, technical, cultural or some other area. By trying something entirely new, or undertaking an existing activity with renewed purpose, you will stimulate new interests or improve existing ones.


  • Developing a skill is enhancing your mental ability and should not be athletic in nature.

  • Goals should be realistic and achievable within your ability.

  • A skill must not be for a school credit or a family chore and must be practiced for at least one hour a week.

  • You should choose a skill that interests you. This can be something new, or something you are already doing and want to improve, but only one skill can be selected. The Award allows the flexibility for you to change your skill once, if the original skill is no longer practical. A change of skill must be approved by your Award Leader.

  • You must set your own goal whether you choose an individual challenge or a group activity. 

  • All skill activities must be unpaid. 


Each individual is assessed throughout the required period on effort, perseverance, and progress as well as on understanding of the practical, cultural and social aspects of the chosen activity or topic. The person who is guiding the work may well be in the best position to undertake assessment but, in some cases, it will be desirable to bring in an independent Assessor.

Group activities are to be assessed in regard to each individual’s contribution to the planning, execution and completion of the chosen activities. 

A young person qualifies in this section if the Assessor, after consultation with the instructor where applicable, is satisfied that:
a) there has been a substantial commitment of genuine leisure time,
b) the Skill has been consistently followed for the required time,
c) genuine effort and individual progress has been made within your capability.

Any written work should be assessed on content rather than on style or spelling. Dates of starting and successful completion are to be entered in the Online Record Book

Note: Speak to your Award Leader for more information. If you do not have an Award Leader, please speak to our Award Support Centre. 

Updated Aug 2021