Award Holders

Life After the Award

You Worked Hard for Your Award.
Now Let Your Award Work for You!

You’ve worked hard, persevered, and committed to earning your Award, now what? Learn how you can leverage your skills and experience in life after the Award.

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How Can You Use Your Award to Your Benefit?

Adding your Award to your CV and LinkedIn profile will enable you to stand out from the crowd. The skills and experiences you’ve gained through the Award demonstrate to employers and post secondary institutions that you have the qualities they look for.

The Award Gives Young People Key Skills that Businesses and Post-Secondary Institutions Seek

sun on mountains Perseverance
problem solving Planning
world in head Responsibility
missing piece Problem-solving
communication Communication
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Leveraging Your Award Experiences

Your commitment to achieving your Award has given you a variety of soft skills that almost every business and post-secondary institution are looking for- perseverance, planning, responsibility, problem-solving, communication skills, and many more. From highlighting the Award on your resume, to showcasing your Award in interviews, and confidently communicating your new skills, you can leverage your Award in multiple ways to help prepare you for your next challenge.

Use Your Award to Shape Your Future

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Confidently Communicate your Skills
Learn How
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Showcase your Experience in Interviews
Learn How
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Highlight the Award on your Resume
Learn How