Create a Mental Wealth Plan

By: Sandra Corelli - @sandra_corelli

Do you have a ‘Mental Wealth Plan’?
During this time of uncertainty, many of us are focusing on our financial plans. It’s equally as important to focus on our ‘Mental Wealth Plan’.

A critical component of our Mental Wealth is taking the time to look inward, and making time for reflection.

Try using these daily checkpoints:

What am I worried about?
Spend time writing down everything that you are worried about. Label and accept your emotions without judgement.

What am I focusing on?
Recognize what you may be ruminating on, let go of things you can’t control.

What can I actually control right now?
Identity what you ‘can control’ right now. Start there.

What is this situation helping me become?
Consider are you becoming more resilient, grateful, empathetic, etc.

What am I grateful for?
Identify the small moments of joy in your day and practice gratitude.

What do I need?
Identify what your body and mind need and practice self-care.