Be the Change

Education Beyond the Walls of the Classroom:
A Crucial Investment

Increasingly, educators, policy makers and education regulators are recognizing the importance of learning outside the classroom, and the opportunities that can be created to help young people develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes needed for adult life and work.

An investment in non-formal education is not just an investment in youth. It’s an investment in social inclusion, employability, poverty reduction and reinforced communities. It’s an investment we cannot afford to miss.

The Rt Hon The Lord Boateng PC DL - Former Chief Secretary to the Treasury, UK Government. Chair of International Council, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award
A group of young people volunteering

A Blueprint for Investing in Human Capital

The Award framework can be a blueprint for investing in human capital; specifically strengthening resilience, improving employability and entrepreneurship, promoting prosperity and helping the most vulnerable.

It does this today, just as it has done for more than 60 years, through working in partnership with educational institutions, youth organizations and other provisions who, in turn, use the Award to engage young people and their communities in a consistent way, as they support them in finding their own development solutions. Through mentorship, adults can help young people achieve their Award by sharing passions, experience, enthusiasm and learning skills themselves. At the heart of the Award is the spirit of volunteering: encouraging a culture of helping others, providing worthwhile activities, and helping to make a difference to communities.

The Award Works to Empower Young People So That They:

  • Realize they have or can create choices in life

  • Understand the implications of those choices

  • Appreciate they can make an informed decision freely

  • Take action based on that decision

  • Accept responsibility for the consequences of those actions

The Award Directly Contributes to a Number of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Including:

heartrate Good health and well-being
book Quality education
growth Decent work and economic growth