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How to Leverage Your Award on Your Resume

Looking for a job or applying to a college or university – these can be daunting experiences, especially if it is your first time applying. But everyone has to start somewhere, and you will be a step ahead if you can show potential employers or schools that you are motivated to work hard and have the ability to get along well with other people.


Whatever you chose to do for your Award, no doubt you had fun, challenged yourself, and experienced adventure and growth. All those experiences have equipped you with additional skills that will help you throughout your personal and professional life – you developed soft skills. Soft skills are crucial to success in everyday life, they are also extremely attractive to employers.

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Need help referencing the Award on your resume?

Check out these references and don’t forget to let potential schools or employers know about any aspects of your Award you’ve kept up after you completed it. This demonstrates you’ve set up good habits, grow from your challenges, and continue to develop your skills.

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The [Award] provides opportunities for our students to demonstrate communication, problem-solving and social awareness competencies which are the foundations of the BC core curriculum.

Mori Hamilton - Award Coordinator, Point Grey Mini School
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