Physical Recreation

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Award Rule of Thumb:

If you break a sweat, it's Physical Rec!

The Physical Recreation section of the Award offers you the opportunity to participate in physical activity in a variety of ways: some people want to train alone, other enjoy non-competitive activities with one or more friends, others love the challenge of team sports and others still are exhilarated by the thrill of competition.

No matter what your physical or mental ability or inclination is, as long as you have the determination, the section offers you the opportunity to develop healthy fitness habits that will hopefully carry on long after an Award as been achieved.


  • Choosing an activity is a personal choice and you should choose one that interests you. This could be something new, or something you are already doing and want to improve.

  • Goals should be realistic and achievable within your ability. 

  • It can be helpful for you to join a club or follow a program of a sport’s national governing body in order to provide structure to the activity. Using guidelines can also be helpful in setting meaningful and achievable goals.

  • Although you are encouraged to (particularly for Bronze), you do not have to undertake the same activity for the entire required time. You may choose up to three different activities in order to complete the Physical Recreation section. If three activities are selected an Assessor’s report is required for each activity.


  • Participation sessions are to be coached or supervised by persons knowledgeable and experienced in the activity. The form of participation should be approved in advance by the assessor. Participants should keep a written account of dates and hours of their Physical Recreation sessions.

  • Some methods for assessing or monitoring improvement can be obtained from a physical education teacher or fitness instructor. These can be either self-monitoring, or for the assessor to use in evaluating improvement.

  • Although some of the Physical Recreation pursuits may have limited fitness development, it is required that a Physical Recreation program be developed to allow maximum benefit and greater safety in the activity.

Note: Speak to your Award Leader for more information. If you do not have an Award Leader, please speak to our Award Support Centre. 

Updated Aug 2021