Award Ceremonies

Congratulations on completing your Award! This is an achievement for which you should be extremely proud and a moment to celebrate all your hard work. To honour the completion of your Award, you will receive an Award Pin and potentially an invitation to an Award Ceremony where you will be presented your certificate of achievement. 


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Award Pins & Certificates

Pins are sent to your Award Leader, if you are a member of an Award Centre, or directly to you if you are an Independent. Certificates are generally presented at Award Ceremonies, but you can indicate on your submission form if you would prefer it be mailed to you or to your Award Leader. Only ONE certificate is issued for each Award Level.

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Award Ceremonies

Click below for more details on ceremonies relating to each Award Level.

Bronze Award Ceremony
At the Bronze Level, ceremonies are typically organized by Award Centres.

Silver Award Ceremony
At the Silver Level, certificates are typically presented by the Provincial Lieutenant Governor or the Territorial Commissioner.  Beginning in 2021, Ontario Silver Achievers will be celebrated within their own community.

Gold Award Ceremony
At the Gold Level, we are delighted to announce that, commencing Fall 2019, the Lieutenant Governors and Territorial Commissioners of Canada have begun presenting certificates at Gold Ceremonies. These ceremonies are planned to occur 4-5 times per year across the country. 

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  • At the Bronze Level please contact your Award Centre for Bronze Ceremony process details. 
  • At the Silver Level please contact for Silver Ceremony process details
  • At the Gold Level please contact for Gold Ceremony process details

Upcoming Ceremonies

Below is a list of upcoming Ceremonies in Canada. Those waiting for a Gold Ceremony will have already received an Email Notification regarding the below ceremonies. If you have not, please contact to ensure we have your current email address on file. 

November 13, 2021

Virtual Gold Ceremony - Ontario   

November 16, 2021

Bronze & Silver in person Ceremony - Charlottetown, PEI

November 17, 2021

Silver in person Ceremony - Halifax, Nova Scotia

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