The Duke of Ed Award cannot be completed quickly. It’s all about sustaining an ongoing commitment in activities of choice, perseverance, and developing good habits. It takes commitment to see it through and earn something over the long term.  Efforts are recognized over time and the achievement is a young person’s own improvement.

The Duke of Ed is a personal challenge which recognizes that there are a lot of aspects to a well-rounded person, including achievements outside the classroom. Anyone who puts in the effort will receive the Award, so youth can collaborate with peers instead of competing with them. The Award is based on personal choice and reflects the abilities and interests of individual participants. No two Awards are alike!

The Award offers a framework for youth to focus their interests, improve their abilities and do something they’ve always wanted to do. Youth enter The Award at the level that best suits them and choose activities that fit in with their life. Young people may take as long as they wish to complete an Award, as long as it is completed by their 25th Birthday.

It’s up to each individual to ensure they stay on track and that all the Award requirements are met. It’s more than just completing the activities.

As youth grow, The Award grows with them. At Bronze they may need a lot of help. At Silver, they are more independent. By Gold they build their own experience.

The Award is fun. The activities that a young person selects reflect their own interests and passions.  Also doing The Award great way to spend time with friends and making memories that will last forever. So enjoy the challenge!